What are the best video sliders for DSLR cameras?

What are the best video sliders for DSLR cameras?

You find tracking shots in movies with expensive budgets. Low budget filmmakers would often use a wheel chair or other wheeled vehicle to try and copy them. With the popularity of DSLR’s for filmmaking low cost sliders are now available for even the tightest budget. There are now plenty of choices for filmmakers to create their own tracking shots to give their videos that professional touch.

Before you buy a slider for video production there are some options to consider. One reason to choose a slider over a gimbal is they give you greater choice with lenses. Using a gimbal is much trickier than a slider to use with a Cine lens. You can easily adjust the lens focus and zoom on a slider and you can use heavier lenses that a gimbal would not be able to balance.

When choosing a slider you should also consider what it is made of. Most camera sliders are made out of carbon fiber, steel or aluminium. Depending on what it is made of will decide how much weight a slider can hold. Carbon fiber sliders are more lightweight but have less load capacity. If you are using a larger camera you should consider using a steel slider.

You should also take the length of the slider into consideration. They can range between one and five feet long. Any longer than this and they can become difficult to use. Many sliders have built in feet so they don’t have to use heavy tripods. Some slider feet will work well on flat surfaces while others have gripping mechanisms that let them attach to uneven surfaces like rocks. Some sliders have cranks attached to the slider belt. These enable you to slide your camera without changing your position. This will give you smoother transitions with less chance of ruining your shot.

Neewer Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly Car

The Neewer Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly Car is a low cost option, which is a great way to introduce you to what a camera slider has to offer. This is far from a professional slider but is a good choice for the cash strapped filmmaker to add basic tracking shots to their film. It is made of strong aluminium alloy and the dolly mounts on plastic rubber wheels for solid support and easy movement.

It is ideal for small camcorders and DSLR cameras. It can support up to a weight of 10 kg, but only weighs 1.2 pounds itself. The wheels roll well but you will get the best results when you use it on a smooth surface. Don’t expect to get great results on rough ground though. This slider’s small size makes it portable and easy to transport.

Price $34.99 £24.00 €29.00

Zecti 15.7” Carbon Fiber Camera Slider

The Zecti 15.7” Carbon Fiber Camera Slider is another great choice for the low budget filmmaker. It is one of the cheapest and affordable camera sliders available. It is small and light enough to make it portable. It measures 15.7 inches long and has a carbon fiber belt and a metal frame. It comes with ¼ inch screw threads so you can attach a DSLR or camcorder. It also has ¼ inch and 3/8 inch screw holes beneath the slider to you can mount it to a tripod. I

ts small size allows you to mount this slider in various ways, which include vertical and horizontal and at an angle when mounted to a tripod. You can adjust the legs for both flat and rough surfaces and you can also remove them if you need to. The bubble level will also help you to get level shots. It also comes with a handy padded case to protect it when not in use.

Price $56.00 £40.00 €46.00

Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

The Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider is 23.6 inches on length and works just like any other slider. It is made of a tough aluminium alloy and weighs just over 4lbs, which makes is both durable and lightweight. It has a 60cm track that will give you a slide length of just under two feet of movement. This makes it larger than the Zecti but at a reasonable price. It has four U-shape ball bearings that will give you smooth movements while filming and will also give you less wear to the aluminium tubing.

You can adjust the legs between 8.5 and 10 inches in height and you can also fold them away so you can mount the slider to a tripod. You can film both vertical and horizontal with this slider and at a 45 degree angle if you need too. You can mount a DSLR camera to this slider directly or indirectly with a ball head so you have greater flexibility for your shots. It has a maximum load of 17.5lbs and comes with a carry case for transport.

Price $75.00 £53.00 €62.00

GVM 23 Flywheel DSLR Dolly Slider

The GVM 23 Flywheel DSLR Dolly Slider is one of the best types of slider you can buy. It comes with super smooth tracking movement and the counterweight system allows you to install a pulley or crack to control the slider manually without the need to follow along with it. It is made of carbon fiber and is 23 inches long. It is also lightweight and only weighs 3lbs making it easy to carry around.

It comes with high quality bearings that give it movement that is smooth and quiet, which makes it great for filming in quiet settings. You don’t have to disassemble the GVM 23 for storage, which makes it quick and easy to use and put together. You also get a carry bag and a Smartphone stand so you can attach your iPhone as well as your DSLR for filmmaking. This slider will support a weight up to 11lbs so it will have no problem supporting your DSLR.

Price $149.00 £105.00 €122.00

Kamerar 31 Fluid Motion Video Slider

The Kamerar 31 Fluid Motion Video Slider features a carbon fiber track, which allows it to be more lightweight than some other sliders and makes it portable. It has a flywheel design to give it consistent smooth motion unlike some other standard sliders. It is 31 inches long and comes with a crank handle that allows you to move your DSLR camera down its track automatically.

It also comes with 6 rollers to share the weight of you camera more evenly for quieter performance. This slider has adjustable legs that you can use on almost any surface, including uneven ground. You can adjust each leg individually and they have rubber balances to improve support. It has carbon fiber rails but it is heavier than some other sliders available weighing 8.4lbs. That said, it is easy to use and one of the better sliders available.

Price $165.00 £116.00 €135.00

GVM Motorized Camera Slider

The GVM Motorized Camera Slider gives you move control than many other camera sliders. You can program the tracking, which means you don’t have to control it manually. This frees you up to control other parts of you filming production. It is more expensive than other standard sliders but it has many powerful features to compensate for its more expensive price tag. It gives you a huge amount of control over your tracking shots.

It allows for automatic time-lapse recording across the full-length of the track to give you impressive visual shots. The automatic motor can be set between speeds of 1% to 100% intervals allowing you to customise and adjust your shots. It also has a remote control to allow you to set the time-lapse and speed of the slider. It is smaller than some other sliders at 11.8 inches long and can support a weight up to 6.6lbs, which means it may not be ideal for larger DSLR cameras.

Price $249.00 £175.00 €205.00

Konova Slider K5 120 47.2 inch Track

The Konova Slider K5 120 47.2 inch Track comes with one of the largest tracks on the market. It has many advanced features to make it easy to achieve great filming and tracking shots. It uses a flywheel and slider to give it smooth and quiet tracking shots. It also features support for adding a crank/pulley system or converting it to an automatic system. It has a length of 47.2 inches to give you larger tracking shots than some other sliders.

It also has three large bearings to support cameras up to 40lbs in weight. So it is ideal for larger filmmaking cameras. It has ¼ inch and 3/8 inch supports so you can attach it to any tripod. Despite its size this slider only weighs 7lbs and comes with a handy storage bag to protect it. If you are serious about your filmmaking, the K5 could be the best choice for professional tracking shots.

Price $519.00 £366.00 €426.00

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